The IQ delta

It has been observed that the exceptionally intelligent think differently than those with conventional minds, even those which most people would consider to be highly intelligent. The difference is qualitative, continue

Merkel muss weg

BLOOD ON HER HANDS!BERLIN MARKET MASSACREEX-NAZI AIRPORT BECOMES REFUGEE CAMP’THIS IS WAR’Front and center on Drudge. The Monster Merkel has to go, and before the end of the year.Posted by continue

Russia suspects NATO

The assassination of the Russian ambassador to Turkey has the Russians thinking conspiracy:Today Senator Frantz Klintsevich, deputy chairman of the Russian upper chamber’s defence and security committee, said: “It was continue

The Mandela Effect

Keoni Galt remembers history differently. Have you, too, experienced the Mandela Effect?When I searched for “Mandela Effect” on Infogalactic, I got automatically redirected to the page entitled Confabulation.In psychiatry, confabulation continue

Reader poll

Just out of curiosity, which do you want to read first?A Sea of Skulls, the final editionSJWs Always Double DownAlt-Right RevolutionThe Collapsing EmpireDon’t get too excited about any one particular continue