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The Saxon’s Quest

The edge of doom descried atop
The battered bark over billow’s sway
Spattering hiss, salt-sharped fury
Froth-white moon over face and hilt
Tack over gale-whipped waves, gripped
Tight rope twist, tracking stars
Palm’s blisters burst burning
Eyes continue

The Golden Age – Episode 5: Mission Command And Romantic Heroism

Welcome to The Golden Age. The podcast airs on Mondays.
— Brought to you by —
Michael Perilloux with special guest Rafael.
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The post The continue

The Twilight Angel

Whence come I, this darkness surrounding
At once, the nightmare angel does protest.
My spirit clambers towards the light, resounding;
My troubled soul his force arrests.
Writhing about, this muck profounding
Overthrowing, among us, even continue