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Who Is German?

By Manuel Ochsenreiter

Deusche Welle is running a new campaign, hashtaged “#WeAreGermany,” and focused on, you guessed it, “tolerance and diversity” as “integral values of German society.”

If the people in this advertisement are really “Germany,” then clearly I am not anymore.

This is the Germany that was created by Washington and continue…

The Anti-civilization

By Colin Liddell There is nothing at the heart of the West.

This essay first appeared in The Great Erasure, the first volume of Radix Journal.

In his famous book The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order (1996), Samuel P. Huntington put forward the thesis, popular with large continue…

The Guy Who Got Caught

By Richard B. Spencer

There’s always been something suspicious . . . something very feminine, as well . . . about conservatives’ gushing worship of the U.S. military and anyone who’s “served.” Should we really be grateful to the U.S. military for anything? Do we really owe our “freedom” to those Americans who continue…

Taking Our Stand

By James Edwards

After witnessing the anti-Southern hysteria that has metastasized throughout the media and government in recent weeks I felt a pressing need to do something proactive. Of course, it’s certainly not as if our societal overseers didn’t hate the South and any symbol of our unique identity before the murders that continue…

Divine Intervention

By Richard B. Spencer

Liberals hate Christianity when it serves as an implicit White identity, particularly a rural White identity that is “clung to.” Christianity gets a pass in its WASPish and “high church” variety, that is, when it is essentially vague liberalism with smells and bells. And Liberals unabashedly love Christianity when it continue…

Where the Right Went Wrong

By Ryan Andrews

“The arch of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice.” Our President seems to be particularly fond of this quote from Dr. Martin Luther King (or whoever might have actually originally said it). Those of us in the real Right, and in the real Left, too, recoil continue…

The Future of Patriotardery

By Richard B. Spencer

Gallup polling has announced that “Extreme Patriotism” is in irrefutable, perhaps irreversible decline.

As Independence Day approaches, most in the U.S. say they are proud to be an American, including a slight majority, 54%, who are “extremely proud.” The percentage saying they are “extremely proud” continue…

Whose Flag

By Gregory Hood

In the aftermath of the Charleston shooting, the Left seized on the Confederate flag and pushed for banning the Stars and Bars from the grounds of state capitals. Within days, the victims (seriously, can anyone even name them?) were utterly forgotten, as reporters screeched about the need to desecrate continue…

Capitalism, the Enemy

By Samuel Francis

This article originally appeared in the August 2000 issue of Chronicles

By a slim margin of 63-56, the South Carolina House of Representatives voted on May 10 to pull down the Confederate battle flag that has fluttered above the state’s capitol dome since 1962 and to remove it to “a place continue…

The End of the Culture War

By Richard B. Spencer

The High Court has spoken; the 30-year “Culture War” is officially over.

It’s important to recognize the manner in which this victory/defeat has taken place. For at least a century, the Marxian Left (in various phases) has taken up the charge of abolishing marriage. The traditional family was, depending on the continue…

A Transformative Discussion

By Michael McGregor

Why can’t Rachel Dolezal be black?

Maybe someday that question will find itself listed in a history book on what changed racial consciousness. In several mainstream media outlets, an awkward and exciting conversation has been started on race. Dolezal was born and raised White. She later decided to become Black and continue…

A Day in Utopia

By Revanche I. Morning

I hopped out of bed right at 7:00 am. My life partner, Pat, was still curled up under the covers, with a cute little smile on zher face. Pat’s arm was wrapped around our adopted African child, Kanye–named for the the 51st President of the United States, Kanye West. continue…

'Welcome In My Party'

By Michael McGregor

There was something intrinsically apocalyptic to the euphoria surrounding Bruce Jenner’s Vanity Fair cover photo that shocked even “live and let live” conservatives.

But on Sunday, the wave of Jenner acceptance among Republicans might have just started. South Carolina Senator and impossible presidential candidate Lindsey Graham said that he would continue…

The Riddle of Conan

By Mark Brahmin

If you need evidence as to how far White civilization has fallen in just a few short decades, and seek that record in popular cinema, you hardly need reach as far back as The Fifties, that relatively pristine postwar decade. You might merely watch a film from that equally pseudo-conservative continue…

Natural Born Kulchur

By Samuel T. Francis

Originally published by Chronicles, September 1995

In the tumid political underbrush of the summer, there were a number of interesting and even important new sprouts, as Pat Buchanan slowly pushed aside Phil Gramm as the favored candidate of the Republican Right and almost all of the rest of the blossoming aspirants continue…

Our Kind of Enemy

By Matthew Raphael Johnson American Capital’s Love Affair with Soviet Communism

Soviet Communism has not been fashionable in elite media and academic circles since 1992. Stalinists are now more often depicted as “conservatives” than leftists, and Communism is seen as a symptom of “nationalism.” A BBC documentary on North Korea declared that country to continue…

Unacceptable Standards

By Michael McGregor

The American military’s plan to impose gender equality on combat units just hit another roadblock.

All eight women who entered into the latest Ranger School class washed out. That’s a stunning blow for the Army’s propaganda that these women could’ve made it through the intense, two-month course designed to train the continue…

Last Chance for Discounted Registration

By Richard B. Spencer

Dear Friends,

NPI’s fall conference—Become Who We Are—is set to be the highlight of the year. It will be a tremendous opportunity for networking, reconnecting with old friends, and having fun in Washington, DC.

Speakers include

Kevin MacDonaldGuillaume FayeJack DonovanRichard SpencerKeith Preston Roman Bernard.

Also featured will be a special guest, who will continue…

Evola Lives!

By The Editors

. . .On video at least.

Watch this rare and previously unpublished interview with the Baron himself that was filmed in 1971. It covers his life’s work and the themes that animated his writing.

This is certainly a remarkable artifact.


On 'What Is A Rune?'

By Jack Donovan

Originally published at

As a lifetime “non-believer” who has been delving into Germanic heathen worldviews and traditions for the past year or so, Collin Cleary’s What is a Rune? pulled a few ideas together for me at the right time, introduced some evocative concepts that I’d like to continue…

Memorial Day in the Hollow Empire

By Gregory Hood

By any conventional definition, the United States of America deserves the title of “empire.” The country was built on the conquest of a continent through a series of crushing military victories and squashed rebellions. The regime in Washington, ensconced in its official buildings specifically designed to evoke the glories of continue…

The Shock of History

By Michael O’Meara

Originally published at Alternative-Right October 23, 2011. Republished to honor the memory of Dominique Venner, who took his life in the service of our people two years ago this week.

A propos:

Dominique Venner.

Le choc de l’Histoire. Religion, mémoire, identité.

Versailles: Via Romana, September 2011.

“The future belongs to those with the longest memory.” continue…