When the Kapok Tree Blooms

By JohnDerbyshire@takimag.com Stalinesque extravaganza ─ Eating a cushion ─ Dumb and más estúpido ─
From kapok to kabuki ─ Madame Butterfly gets a job ─ Peak Negro? ─
Small coup in Yemen, not many dead ─ Rev’m Al lectures Limeys ─
Passing of a great man ─ Pontiff disses rabbits ─ Miss BumBum enriches
gene pool ─ Time to gather crocodile eggs

That’s Rape in Sweden!

By JohnDerbyshire@takimag.com Showbiz star fondles starlets! ─ Standards corrupted by hysteria ─
That’s rape in Sweden! ─ Co-education at the end of its tether ─
Over-reporting, under-reporting ─ Who’s the victim? ─ When pieties
collide ─ Elementary my dear Watson ─ The brain snatchers ─ A
multiculturalism too far ─ Those niggardly Chinese ─ Numb, glum BumBum  continue…

Source: (Podcast) Radio Derb