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Ferguson and Race; Power and Color

By collectivistduck

Racism has existed since competing tribes have existed. It is a deeply engrained, biological creation. It occurs through a need for the brain to process vast quantities of information in an efficient manner. We categorize, we stereotype, and we generalize people into convenient ‘groups’.

That’s not to say racism is good. Racism is clearly bad from a social and economic point of view. But it is the truth. We do not have the cognitive resources to process the amount of information we go through on a daily basis. Just think about how large your ‘video’ file would be if, everything you continue…

Why You Shouldn’t Vote

By collectivistduck

It all begins in middle school. Your first election year. “I want you to become an active member of our society,” our enthusiastic 20-something English teacher will say passionately. “Go out there and learn about the candidates! Make your voices heard! You kids are the future!” Que the mock school presidential elections, the ‘researching’ on Wikipedia of the issues. Que the ‘research essays’ on how bad the media is. Then fast forward a bit, it’s high school and the same story gets told, “it’s your duty as a citizen of this country, get out there and vote!”

Then it’s college. continue…

A Lost War: Rural vs Urban Peoples

By collectivistduck

For the most part, we share the ideology of our parents. The way we view the world is similar, how we behave in our social sphere is similar, and the way we communicate our beliefs are all similar.

For most, we like to think that we come to our ideology after in-depth discussion and critical assessment. This is certainly false. Even our youthful teenagers who decide to become a libertine communists in the face of an evangelical Christian home must eventually come to the realization that their vision of the world has been forever warped. While on the surface they may continue…

5 Critiques of Internet Feminism

By collectivistduck

Internet feminists are generally a very prickly, insular group. As far as the ideological groups I’ve participated in (from Fascists, Communists, Anarchists, etc.) I’d say they are by far the most unwelcoming and unwilling to talk about their beliefs on a level beyond five minute sound bites (wage gap, rape in colleges, etc.). For the most part, fringe ideological groups are very tight nit and insular, but they will surprise you by being very eager to discuss their beliefs on a deep, atomic level.

Feminism is not a ‘fringe ideological’ group. They are very close to becoming mainstream and accepted in continue…

The Nonsense of “Checking Your Privilege”

By collectivistduck

As far as ideological buzzwords are concerned, “Check Your Privilege” is right up there with “Rape Culture” in the hierarchy of excellent, beautifully conceived drivel. I am in awe of phrases like this, they are exactly what this blog has always been about, power through ideas. The genius of these phrases is that they do a large number of complicated things in merely a few words. They do the following,

Establish ‘axioms’
State the issue
Frame the solution

Going through our framework with “Rape Culture” yields the following,

Axiom: There exists a prevalence of rape in society
The Issue: Society is a perpetrator of this rape
Solution: continue…