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Now the CBC and CTV have removed the lying girl’s name from their stories revealing that she lied

The State:
The private but converged Corporate:
It’s funny that they think they can memory-hole the name of the girl Khawlah Noman and her mother Saina Samad.
Not in the internet area, MSM.

Behold continue

Waning pussy power.

Intersectionality, doncha just love it?! More, please #WomensMarch #Trans
— Kevin Michael Grace (@KMGVictoria) January 12, 2018
Last January the symbol most closely associated with the Women’s March was a pink continue


Isn’t it interesting that when the media should be focused on Justin Trudeau’s ethics violations and Joshua Boyle’s alleged ties to the taxpayer compensated Khadr family, that old letters, on continue


What the soi-disant social conservatives refuse to understand is that multiculturalism is a universal solvent. Social norms cannot be maintained where there is no social unity @jkenney
— Kevin Michael Grace continue