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Reporter tells Trump at White House “You’re encouraging politically motivated violence with the way you speak.”
Trump pointed at the reporter, “You’re creating violence by your question.”
The reporter gasped, “Me?”
Trump continue

What next?

Hey, blind sportsball fans!

Tonight, the @Orioles became the first pro team to wear uniforms with Braille lettering.
Awesome. #BiggerThanBaseball
— MLB (@MLB) September 19, 2018

Because the OriLOLes are a team continue

Yee-haw! Go, Mad Max!

#MaximeBernier quits Conservative Party, which he denounces as “too intellectually & morally corrupt to be reformed,” announces creation of new right-wing party. Bravery is not entirely dead in Canada


180 read by my friend @eladsinned on #AsiaArgento, #RoseMcGowan & #AnthonyBourdain. Who is the predator & who is the prey? #MeToo
— Kevin Michael Grace (@KMGVictoria) August 22, 2018