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NeoEugenics: Curiosity or Game‐changer?

By Chuck

A more interesting question is: a more or less egalitarian (not-so-distant) future? (Once the genetic architecture of egalitarianism itself is cracked, this question will take on an even more delicious dimension.)

Shulman, C., & Bostrom, N. (2014). Embryo Selection for Cognitive Enhancement: Curiosity or Game‐changer?. Global Policy, 5(1), 85-92.

Abstract: Human capital is an important determinant of individual and aggregate economic outcomes, and a major input to scientific progress. It has been suggested that advances in genomics may open up new avenues to enhance human intellectual abilities genetically, complementing environmental interventions such as education and nutrition. One way to do continue…

Idiocy of Race Denialism

By Chuck

I presently lack the patience needed to write out a formal critique of this gross stupidity; so I will merely reference my many rebuttals of denialist arguments which are strewn across the comment sections of the following blog posts and review:

re: philosophers Massimo Pigliucci and Jonathan Kaplan

On the biology of race

(see also Jayman’s)

re: anthropologist Jennifer Raff

Nicholas Wade and race: building a scientific façade

re: some guy

The level of sophomoric sophism is simply mind boggling.

[Biological races can be said to be divisions of a species — or infraspecific populations — where members are classified or arranged according to their propinquity of descent (Darwin) continue…

Why Racialism is Sensible: A Pithy Rejoinder to The Prussian

By Chuck

What is Racialism

The Prussian recently wrote a lengthy critique of “racialism”. His central thesis was that:

Biology, and to a lesser extent, genetics, has a powerful influence on individual human life but at the group level it is overshadowed by culture and social institutions.

While he doesn’t precisely define his meaning, he implies that “racialism” is the view that genes condition important outcome differences between racial groups. Here I will briefly add to the points made by Sean Last and Bulbasaur of The Right Stuff and explain why racialism makes sense.

Under What Condition is Racialism True continue…

From the Mad House

By Chuck

Here’s a quote from the Mad House called Open Borders:

Imagine how mad you’d be if you even overheard someone with the cojones to actually say this in an interview! Someone claiming that a mere accident of birth that they had no control over – and for that matter places them in a category of substantial relative privilege – should entitle them (and it’s entitlement they’re claiming, make no mistake) to a job over a person that doesn’t have these purely unintentional qualities, but is equally qualified, harder working, and in greater need of the job would rightly make your blood continue…

Reed pulls an Unz

By Chuck

Race, Realism, and Race Realists

…Let us consider brown people in Peru, a small, heavily mestizo Andean nation of some thirty million. Let us also consider the International Math Olympiad, an annual contest of high-end mathematical talent around the planet. In 2012, Peru finished 16th. Results from the Olympiad vary continue…

The Allele Counting Begins

By Chuck

Factor Analysis of Population Allele Frequencies as a Simple, Novel Method of Detecting Signals of Recent Polygenic Selection: The Example of Educational Attainment and IQ
Davide Piffer

Weak widespread (polygenic) selection is a mechanism that acts on multiple SNPs simultaneously. The aim of this paper is to suggest a methodology to continue…