The Subway Vigilante On Policing

By henrydampier

Watch until 1:01:38. This is my transcript:

Don’t pretend that you’re serving the public — or the public interest.

This here — fine. You caught some maniac. That’s what you want, that’s what you got. It doesn’t matter.

But just don’t pretend… that you’re doing your job.

Y’know. So this one thing got a continue…

Why Universities Love Grievance Studies

By henrydampier

Insert Democratic Voting Bloc Studies are popular at most universities among faculty, the students, and the administration. On occasion, conservatives and other bad people will criticize such departments as distracting from the important public missions of those universities or of destabilizing society at large.

Any freshman will probably tell you that continue…

Busting Dumb Clichés About Terrorism

By henrydampier

There are many dumb clichés uttered about terrorism in the wake of any attack.

One of the more important ones to debunk is the notion that Islamic radicals are the people who cause problems.

The public organs often say that ‘radical clerics’ cause ‘radicalization’ or that otherwise ordinary Muslims become ‘radicalized’ after continue…

The European Cuddle Pile

By henrydampier

For thousands of years, Europeans have killed each other with gusto, for alternately noble, greedy, and stupid reasons. They’ve traded with each other, enslaved each other, migrated and invaded this way and that way. Rarely unified, a prolonged period of peace across the entire continent has never been normal.

Part of continue…

Sucks To Your IQ

By henrydampier

IQ was initially developed as a bureaucratic tool to help institutions at scale to screen and sort out potential employees at scale. One of the reasons why it became popular was because the scores remained relatively constant independent on what age that you provide the tests. In the United States, continue…

Vulgar Racialism

By henrydampier

Racialism and its relatively recent variant, White nationalism, tends to reduce all political matters of importance down to whether or not a government is racially exclusive. The definition of ‘race’ also tends to be dumbed-down and diluted to the point to which it really is a social construct — a continue…

The Media Hall of Mirrors

By henrydampier

Most of what’s in the media has become internally reflective. Wire services and newspapers write original reports, which are then digested by secondary news providers (TV, radio, and the web). Then, authorized pundits tell you how you are supposed to feel about the news. The pundits and the secondary news-mongers continue…

Cause & Effect

By henrydampier

The lower-order effects of bad policies tend to be both obvious and frustrating. Mass unemployment is a lower-order effect with complex higher causes. Part of the business of democratic politics is providing pat, limited explanations for those pernicious and painful effects that makes the issues less messy and comprehensible in continue…

ZIRP Forever

By henrydampier

Yesterday, the Federal Reserve announced that they would not be hiking rates. Expectations as to what the Fed would do flipped following the stock market crashes in China, which bled over to American markets. The drama in Greece and in the EU as a whole also shook the confidence that continue…

Drones Are Weapons for Individualists

By henrydampier

Pacifistic liberals and libertarians (who are a subset of liberals) tend to decry America’s unique and novel campaign of drone bombing against Islamic terrorists. This method was explicitly chosen to play to America’s military strengths (air superiority against weak enemies) while minimizing exposure of the Pentagon to domestic criticism regarding continue…

Humane, Egalitarian Terror

By henrydampier

In an egalitarian world in which authority expects everyone to consider themselves the moral equals of everyone else on the planet, what critics call ‘pathological altruism’ is actually entirely rational.

If all people must be treated equally by the laws and their fellow men (except in certain aberrant situations in which continue…