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Lightning Round – 2017/04/12

Constitutionalism is a myth.
Ethnonationalism and aristocladism.
Basic strategic concepts.
The rise of the reactionary: 1, 2, 3.
Against realism.
The inglorious revolution.
Political freedom and the banality singularity.
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Lightning Round -2016/08/11

Church, mannerbund, militia.
Spain’s cautionary tale.
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Going for the throat.
Natural and artificial.
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A nation’s future in one number.
Trump has intrinsic geopolitical value.
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Lightning Round – 2016/07/27

Don’t give your word unless you mean to keep it.
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Western civilization.
Toxic Arab masculinity.
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Meaning, globalism, and death.
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SWPL’s, Amerikaners, continue

Economic Options

By Free Northerner

Back when I wrote my first post in this series Williamson and the other cucks were accusing everybody who doesn’t like how the current economic system destroys traditional communities and promotes rootless cosmopolitanism is a liberal, because, according to them the inhuman destruction of commmunity and the promotion of rootless continue…