No enemies to the…

So this:

Led to this:

New RAMZPAUL video! – Alt Right – RIP. #AltRightMeans
— RAMZPAUL (@ramzpaul) November 23, 2016

While Fidel Castro, murderer of tens of thousands, communist dictator which forever continue


So there’s a stampede of people trying to disavow and disassociate from the alt-right because Richard Spencer has gone full-Nazi. The speech is out there. It’s pretty lame. Not a continue


Every time I get more Twitter hits than usual I run a Twitter search to see what are people blabbering about me. It’s usually quite interesting. See here:

@rec0nciler Spandrell is continue

Real News and Fake News

Look at this page:
Two important pieces of news here.
One is that the Austrian presidential elections have been postponed. These elections are the repetition of the elections done in May. continue

Your Last Chance

I don’t usually just link to other people’s articles; but when I do, you better go read the whole thing.
Some snippets:
But let us back up. One of the paradoxes—there are continue

The Alt-Right

So… Hillary Clinton just gave the alt-right the public spotlight. People are Googling like crazy, and people like Richard Spencer are gloating like they haven’t in years.
By the way, Richard continue

Correct Naming

Master Xun (荀子 Xunzi):
Which translates as:
The people can easily be unified by means of the Way, but one should not try to share one’s reasons with them. Hence, the enlightened continue


Given present demographic trends, that is immigration and the birth rates of different ethnic groups, the data clearly points towards what I call Brazilification, i.e. Western countries eventually getting the continue


Congratulations to the English. Well done.

Watch how Mr. Farage didn’t even know the final result of the referendum; but he was already calling not only to leave the EU, continue

Divide et Impera

Half Sigma posted this video, and it made me think.

Yes, damn Muslims. Damn them all. They’re out to get us. Yes, they are indeed. But think about it for a second.

Obviously the Cathedral would want Muslims to convert to progressivism. Either outright, by becoming continue


By spandrell

This has been going around. Guess I should say something. I really don’t know how to comment on that pile of nonsense. I might as well let the sages do it for me.


Confucius and his disciples were gathered at the master’s house. One of his disciples, Zilu, asks the continue…

The Bow of the King of Chu

By spandrell

Google openly praises leftist terrorist supporters, Obama forces schools across the US to allow transexuals to choose the toilets they use. The West is fucked up. Yes, I know. The mission of this blog has been to explain in plain language why the Left exists, why it’s so crazy, and continue…

Between a rock and a hard place

By spandrell

This is on the news:

Who’s this bitch? Nobody knew until today. Before the Internet nobody would have ever known and nobody would have bothered to check. But now we have Wikipedia, which knows everything. And apparently this bitch is Yuri Kochiyama, a Japanese-American psycho-bitch whose father was killed by continue…

Holiness Escalation

By spandrell

Remember this? The lily-white couple who implanted 100% black embryo and gave birth to black triplets? They were so happy of themselves. So proud of it. The holiest people on earth. Surely nobody could be holier than us!

Oh boy. There’s a Japanese saying, 上には上がある (ue ni wa ue ga continue…

Epistemic Advantage

By spandrell

My last post had the slightest tinge of trollishness, and not surprisingly it has gathered a lot of comments. Of course my trolling is very sophisticated, and the comments are of the most exceptional quality.

I want to clarify that I don’t want Europe to adopt Islam. I don’t want Eurabia. continue…

We need a new religion, 4

By spandrell

We need a new religion. We sorely need one. And we will likely get one. But we might not like how it turns out.

In 200 AD, the Roman Empire was the largest, richest and most powerful empire on Earth. Roman civilization extended from Britain to Mesopotamia. Vast trade networks allowed continue…

Foragers and Farmers

By spandrell

I found an interesting tweet by a Japanese academic. Robin Hanson might enjoy it.


— たられば (@tarareba722) May 12, 2016

Let me translate: History shows that when humans moved from foraging into farming, this allowed for people who did not need to engage in hunting (bureaucrats, scholars, warriors, etc.), continue…


By spandrell

One big idea out there is that what we need is Exit. We need to allow secession, for different people to go their own way. We obviously can’t get along. Some people want homosexuals teaching sex education in kindergarten. Others want to put statues to Hitler and Genghis Khan. Others continue…

Giving up Treatment

By spandrell

Apparently the German ambassador in China has promised (source in Chinese) the government of China that in 5 to 10 years, Chinese nationals will enjoy visa-free entry in Germany. That means the EU itself.

This may not be such a bad idea. This is probably what they’re thinking:



By spandrell

Moldbug was about formalism. Which is funny because I associate “formalism” with Chomskyian linguistics. The idea that language can be modeled in a quasi mathematical form. Let’s say that didn’t really work out.

Moldbug’s was political Formalism. Give everyone an official title of what he already owns. Let us say it continue…

More Chinese History

By spandrell

Anyone interested in a short ebook with Chinese stories? Say, 80 pages for $5. Or 30 pages for $2.

The stories would come in two versions: one with fake Western names so you don’t lose track of the story while trying to pronounce Zhang Bangchang. And another with the actual continue…

The Song Dynasty’s Surrender

By spandrell

So we left as the Jurchens conquer the Song capital of Kaifeng, empty the city of all its valuables, butcher most of the population, taking around 100,000 people as slaves. Among them the whole imperial family, 5,000 people in all, plus all their servants. The wives, mothers, sisters and daughters continue…