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Moving right

Xinjiang to implement uniform family planning policy for all ethnic groups (2 kids in urban area, 3 in rural). @jleibold @adrianzenz
— Adam Ni 倪凌超 (@adam_ni) August 1, 2017

Context here continue

Liu Xiaobo

Liu Xiaobo is dead. Who the hell is Liu Xiaobo?
A pyschopathic status maximizer from Northeast China. Or may I say a high-IQ status-greedy sociopath. Or a shameless self-promoter taking money continue

Doing it wrong 

Tertiary education enrollment in China has probably crossed 40%. Long-term positive, but at present too many grads chasing too few jobs.
— Tom Rafferty (@rafferty_tom) July 5, 2017

A 10% cap continue


Chalupas Cowen interviews Ben Sasse. I had no clue who this Sasse guy was, but apparently he’s a poster child of a well-adjusted American conservative. The uber cuck. Now this continue


Within two years they’ll be kidnapping Libyans by helicopter and ferrying them over to NATO airbases in Sicily.
— Outsideness (@Outsideness) June 16, 2017

I did write a post on being continue


Years ago, when the alt-right was barely beginning to form, many Western patriots hang out at Lawrence Auster’s blog. There was one very interesting guy, called Conservative Swede. Eventually he continue

Sexual Orientation

People with autism, especially women, are less likely to be heterosexual
— Neuroskeptic (@Neuro_Skeptic) June 10, 2017

This proves two ideas which have been part of common sense since the continue

Naughty May

What’s the naughtiest thing @theresa_may has ever done?
— ITV News (@itvnews) June 6, 2017

How about making hard Brexit impossible by sheer incompetence?
That skirt is plenty naughty for a 60 continue


@TheLawspeaker Didn’t Spandrell say that would be the moment the System would crack down on islam or it might’ve been me arguing conversion a no-go
— 28Sherman (@28ShermanSOBL1) May 23, 2017

That continue

Occam’s Butterknife


Plots used to be driven by real-world conflict, but now they revolve around domestic drama. It’s a trend that blights films and TV, from Sherlock continue

Evolution, cont.

Right now,
The Prime Minister of the UK,Theresa May.
The president of France,Emmanuel Macron
The Chancellor of Germany, Angela Merkel
The Prime Minister of Italy, Paolo Gentiloni,
and even the goddamn President of the European continue