Discovering Nihilism

Reader-submitted photo.
Writing about nihilism presents a problem in that most people equate nihilism with fatalism, or the giving up on any chance to make life saner, better, more pleasurable, or continue

Outliers (#34)

Our potential future sails into uncertain waters. The death of liberal democracy is now clear: rather than muting the dark side of humanity, it encouraged it, and now our populations continue

Why Social Caste Exists

Back in the days of suffering through what passes for “education” in our declining civilization, you were probably told about “top-down” and “bottom-up” orders.
Leftists — most teachers and professors are continue

#PizzaGate Possibilities

The #PizzaGate allegations appear bizarre: that Democrat staffers and candidates engaged in sexual activity with children and discussed it using code terms involving pizza in Wikileaked emails.
And yet, how bizarre continue